About us

Who we are

My name is Patrícia. I am married to Andre and we have a son, Manuel, and this pretty much sums up how things started...

In the beginning of motherhood I found very difficult to find comfortable and at the same time cool clothes for my baby. 

I have always loved the pretty african patterns and when Andre started traveling to Mozambique and bringing some of these fabrics back home I started by doing my own clothes and then, Manuel´s clothes, and then some friends kids clothes, and then we got to Cappies and Lanas.

I love to see kids wearing some unusual colors and garments and that was kind of what first motivated me. 

Now I have these nice ladies that help me to make the pieces that you can find here. 

What we are

"Cappies and Lanas" is a handmade clothing line for kids designed to make them feel special.

Using traditional Mozambique fabric called Capulanas, we create unique clothing for unique kids. Comfort is one of our major goals because kids all ages deserve to feel comfortable in what they wear. To comfort we combine design. A cool design that will make them feel unique.


"Capulana"  is the name given in Mozambique to the fabric used by women to cover their body, head or even to carry their babies. 

It is widely use all over the country and it stands out mainly because of the colors and patterns that reflect the cultural richness of their culture.

Retailers (under construction)

Besides our own shop you can also find us:

Lilian - Baby Store (http://www.pinkoi.com/store/lillian-baby